Global, Multi-Asset
Everyone should be entitled to a personalized and globally-diversified portfolio. Set your investments on autopilot and benefit from expert investment advice.
Access to Global Markets
We’ve carefully curated a selection of securities with access to over 4,000 companies across the globe. You will get to invest in diversified regions and countries through one portfolio.
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Risk Level
Tailored Investment Advice
We'll customize a portfolio based on your risk tolerance taking into account your financial goals and where you are in life. We'll then invest your money into different asset classes across the entire stock market. Through passive investing, you are able to spread out your risk and grow your money in the most reliable way over the long term.
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Islamic Investment Options
You shouldn't compromise on your beliefs when it comes to investing. We've made available an option that allows you to access global markets via a fully Shariah-compliant strategy.
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Our account minimum is $5,000 and we charge a simple annual service fee based on your account balance
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