Leverage our experts, to your advantage

NBK Capital SmartWealth is an online financial advisor built by Watani Investment Company KSCC (NBK Capital), the investment arm and subsidiary of the National Bank of Kuwait S.A.K.P. (NBK).

Being primarily digital does not mean we compromise on the advice we provide nor the quality of service. Our technology enables us to deliver our experts’ insights into tailored solutions for you.

Investment Advice & Strategy

Invest in a portfolio built by experts, tailored to you

Our investment philosophy relies on proven and tested models of investing, the Modern Portfolio Theory. Instead of trying to select “winner” stocks and bonds, we focus on developing long-term index-based diversified model portfolios that optimize the balance of risk and return. We also take into consideration your financial obligations and risk tolerance when building your plan. This means you will get expert advice, tailored to your needs and delivered digitally.

Technology-Powered Access

Monitor and manage your money, at your fingertips

Get a clear view of how your money is performing and how close you are to achieve your goals, instantly. You can also use our app or website to also take actions on your account without ever needing to leave your seat.

Elevated Client Service

Access to first-rate support, at all times

Random question? Emergency over the weekend? Our support specialists are always available to assist you, whenever needed, no matter how complex. We’ll also continuously update our FAQs to ensure you are aware about how everything works.

Low & Transparent Fees

Pay less in fees and keep more of your returns

Our fees are simple and low so that you make the most out of your money. With what you save in fees and the benefits of automated rebalancing, our approach enables you to earn higher returns so you can achieve your goals quicker.