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SmartWealth is an online investment services platform by NBK Capital, built for you.
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  • Assessment of your risk tolerance
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Invest in a plan tailored to you and your family
  • Stocks, bonds, and real estate exposure
  • Conventional or Shariah-Compliant investing based on your preference
  • Global, thematic, or regional investment options
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See what your investments can do
Here's a projection of how your money can grow with SmartWealth versus a regular savings account.
SmartWealth growth is estimated at 4.8% return. Projected performance is used to illustrate the impact of lower fees and compounding and is not intended to show actual returns. Savings accounts are estimated at 0.5% return
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Who can open an account?
Anyone really, as long as you have a bank account with NBK, a valid Kuwaiti residency, and a Civil ID, thus available for Kuwaiti nationals and non-Kuwaitis. Upon submission of your application, we might ask for some additional information in case we require enhanced background checks.

If you are a non-NBK client, please reach out to us at for assistance with opening a SmartWealth account.
What returns can I expect?
As your investments are capital markets based, we cannot guarantee any level of performance of the model portfolios we recommend (or that you will avoid a loss, total or partial). Any estimates we display rely on historic performance and are non-indicative of future performance.
How liquid are my funds after investing?
You can withdraw money (full or partial) from your SmartWealth account at anytime by submitting a request through web or app. Withdrawals are processed within 2 business days and 5 business days for redemptions back to your bank account. All applicable fees would be prorated, no penalties.